Working hand in hand with parents in fulfilling their baptismal role as the primary teachers of the faith, St. Gabriel School fully subscribes to prepare our students to learn and live out the teachings of the Church which we pass on faithfully in our school curriculum. Working in tandem with parents in achieving this goal, it is the belief of our school that the work of Jesus Christ will begin to be seen in the lives of our children who live out the sacramental life of the Church in their daily lives.

As professional Catholic educators, we believe that all people are created in God's image and likeness. We treat each person with respect and honor their potential as we challenge them to learn and grow, not only spiritually, but through a rigorous educational experience which spans a wide range of topics, preparing them to enter the world.


St. Gabriel School is a diverse Catholic family which emphasizes faithful discipleship, academic excellence, virtuous leadership, and service to our community


  • Learning is best accomplished in a faith filled, Christ centered environment that is loving and supportive.
  • The Holy Spirit is at the center of our life; guiding our actions and strengthening our will.
  • The purpose of academic learning is to build God's Kingdom on Earth, spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and mold students into good and productive citizens.