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Your direct link to your child's learning.


Log on to Sycamore for classroom information, calendar updates, P.T.E. news and convenient online documents and forms! Stay in touch with your child's teacher! Read school news! View pictures of your children at work and at play!


Obtaining Access

If you are a current school family you may request a password.
Please contact Mrs. Cirlincuina for your personal invitation.


Login to Sycamore

Sycamore Education Login - Click Here


What is Sycamore?

Sycamore Education is a PARENT INFORMATION SITE. It is a way for parents to communicate with their child's teachers. For that reason, we recommend you keep your password and username private. Before you log on to Sycamore for the first time, you may want to set your computer up to accept notes (in the form of pop-ups) from teachers and other parents:

  • Sycamore Education Login - Click Here
  • SCHOOL ID: 1057
  • USERNAME: Will be e-mailed to you after you contact Mrs. Stewart via e-mail, E-MAIL Click HERE! with your family's primary e-mail address.
  • PASSWORD: Will be e-mailed to you with your user name.
  • NEWS: Once you have logged in to Sycamore for the first time, you can see: NEWS! View the school newsletter and news items on the HOME PAGE.
  • CALENDARS: Access the school calendar by clicking on the "Calendar" tab. If you want to see it in calendar format instead of list format, click on the name of the month. You can click the arrows on either side of the name of the month to see prior or future months. You can click on an event title to see more information about a particular event. To see your child's classroom calendar, click "My Students" and click on the child's name. Now click on the class that you want information about. News will be on the first page, and the calendar tab is easy to find. Middle school assignments will be on this calendar.
  • CAFETERIA BALANCE: You can check your family's lunch account balance. From the home page, click "My Accounts" then click "Cafeteria". You should see everything that your students have been eating and how much it cost. You can send in a check to replenish your account and Mrs. Kalaiwaa will input the check into your account.
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL GRADES: If you have a child in Middle School, you can check the most current grades for individual classes. Click on "My Students" and click on the child's name. Now click on the "Grades" tab at the top of the page. You should see a list of classes for that child and the corresponding grade. Keep in mind that at the beginning of a quarter, it might take a while to see grades here. COMING SOON! You will soon be able to see what grades are on individual assignments that have been turned in or that your child perhaps did not turn in. We will let you know when that is available.
  • PASS NOTES TO TEACHERS AND OTHER PARENTS: You can pass a note to teachers and parents in two ways.
    1. From the home page, you can send a note to current users. The boxes on the right hand side of your page show teachers and families that are currently logged into Sycamore. Click the little yellow post it note beside their name. and type your message.
    2. If you want to pass a note to someone and you don't see that they are logged in, click Pass-A-Note in the lower left hand corner. Choose teachers or families. Click the little yellow post it note corresponding to the person you want to send a note to, then type your message.
  • If you want to change your password, you can click "My Organizer" and then click password. If you forget your password, see Mrs. Stewart

    NOTE: Remember, to get back to the Home page, click HOME in the upper left hand corner. If you have clicked on a class, notice that another window has opened; you will have two Sycamore windows on your task bar at the bottom of the page.